Cancer Specialist

Cancer Specialist Job Description and Duties

Cancer Specialist: Diagnosing cancer can be very scary. You would always want to have and get the best treatment as soon as possible. Whether you need surgery or whatever cancer you have, radiation, chemotherapy, or all of these you should see a doctor that specializes on cancer.

A doctor that specializes in treating people with cancer is best known as a cancer specialist or an oncologist. Cancer specialist or oncologists are physicians who were trained in various cancer diagnostics, and treatment procedures, and must have as much as 15 years of advanced education and training which also includes, medical school, undergraduate studies and more residency training programs. As physicians, cancer specialist is required to complete up to 8 years of undergraduate and medical school education. All physicians must pass a licensing exam before they were able to practice their expertise. Cancer specialists are the ones responsible in collecting medical history of a certain client and perform physical evaluations in addition to their basic administrative duties. Maintaining records, maintaining personnel staff and coordinating with other medical personnel are also part of their duties. Cancer specialist also perform wide and various diagnostic procedures to ascertain the conditions of tissues in detecting cancer and this diagnostic procedures includes x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, scanning techniques, surgical operations and biopsies. We believe that cancer specialists were the ones responsible for taking care of the patient from the moment of its diagnosis throughout the course of the disease.
There are three types of oncologist the surgical, medical and radiation oncologists, they often work together in treating persons with cancer. They usually manage the care and treatment once a certain person is diagnosed with cancer.

In the field of oncology they were considering three main clinical disciplines that follow:

  • Medical Oncology 

    Treating cancer with chemotherapy with the use of drugs to kill cancer cells and usually by stopping the cancer cell’s ability to grow and divide is what a medical oncologist specializes. They also use other medications like targeted therapy and oral pill chemotherapy.

  • Surgical Oncology 

    Surgical oncologist specializes in the removal of tumors and surrounding tissue during an operation. They are also the ones who perform biopsies or the way of removing of a small amount of tissue for examination under a microscope.

  • Radiation Oncology 

    Treating cancer with radiation therapy or the use of high energy x-rays or other particles to kill cancer cells is what radiation oncologist specializes.


Cancer specialists really have a big role in the patient’s moment of diagnosis. An answer in most things in medical isn’t really crystal clear. People may not have much of a choice it’s all because there are a lot of types of cancer, so before you get too anxious you must find someone who specializes in the type of cancer that you have.

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12 Jun 2015